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M.J.Thirumalachar & M.J. Narasimhan Endowment Lectures @ IISC, Bangalore. 1) "WHY I LOVE BACTERIA" by Sir Richard J Roberts, Nobel Laureate 2) "HOW ANTIBIOTICS ILLUMINATE RIBOSOME FUNCTION & VICE VERSA" by Professor Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Nobel Laureate
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Feb 11, 2016

Copper Nanoparticle Pills?

Using high-affinity particulate coating on copper particles as an in vivo antimicrobial agent. Coating can be an antibiotic for attraction, followed by copper interior killing the microbes. Applications: no 'drug resistance' issues arise, very potent, relatively inexpensive materials, and other potential pharmaceutical applications (pills).
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Feb 03, 2016

AAV receptor revealed

Jan Carette group at Stanford University together with Michael Chapman group at Oregon Health & Science University have identified a key receptor for Adeno-asssociated viruses (AAV)!
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Jan 28, 2016