Fungal Forest

This beautiful image comes courtesy of Jean-Baptiste Leducq, showing a tree set in a landscape built from the field of budding yeast outlines.

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Jan 08, 2016

Inspired by the paper from Jean-Baptiste Leducq and colleagues on speciation in wild Saccharomyces populations driven by hybridization and chromosomal plasticity

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Andrew Jermy

Consultant, Germinate

Andrew was a microbiology editor at Nature for more than a decade, joining Nature Reviews Microbiology in 2008 as an Associate Editor after a brief stint as locum editor on Nature Cell Biology. Over the following 4.5 years Andrew developed a passion for the field, commissioning Reviews and writing on all aspects of microbiology. He also took a keen interest in developing new approaches to communicate with the microbiology community. In January 2013 Andrew joined the Nature team as Senior Editor, handling primary manuscripts from across the field and championing microbiology in Nature’s pages and beyond. Andrew left Nature in April 2015 to become the Chief Editor for the launch of Nature Microbiology. He gained his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Manchester, UK, studying fungal protein trafficking and secretion

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