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Contributor Microbiome

The microbial trafficking in genetic parts – within us

The prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea) that make up the majority of our microbial inhabitants (the microbiota) are known to engage in horizontal gene transfer (HGT) i.e., gene transfer among lineally unrelated individuals. The ‘holobiont’ perspective considers the human (or other macroscopic organism) and the associated microbial community as a composite organism. Can ecological and evolutionary considerations inform our analyses of gene transfer within the prokaryotic component of the microbiota, and do these analyses gain from a holobiontic perspective? This is the theme of my synthetic review published in Microbiome.
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Nov 17, 2018
Contributor Nature Comms

Eventually, we found a substrate!

Identification of a physiological substrate of protease is challenging. We take effort to revealed that a receptor histidine kinase is cleaved by a bacterial protease, which is a prerequisite for the bacterial tolerance to osmolarity stress.
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Nov 16, 2018