bacteria in your iPhone

bacteria in your iPhone

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José Ramos Vivas

Research Scientist at IDIVAL, IDIVAL Research Institute

Head of the laboratory of Cellular Microbiology at the IDIVAL Research Institute, Santander, Cantabria, Spain. Host-pathogen interactions and phages. Antimicrobial resistance and Superbugs


Go to the profile of Michel Kiflen
over 5 years ago
Did you put the phone on the agar then incubate?
Go to the profile of Yanling Wang
about 5 years ago
very cool! .hope the author would follow up by doing 16S sequencing on those representative colonies and tell us what they are!
Go to the profile of Michael Chao
about 5 years ago
I'm rather afraid to know the results of the 16S sequencing... But couldn't be worse than the NYC subway, at least.