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Mark O. Martin

Associate Professor of Biology, University of Puget Sound
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About Mark O. Martin

A quick summary of who I am and what is important to me: Husband, father, educator, researcher, moderate libertarian, and always a microbial supremacist! A bit more detail? My research interests have always been with unusual and "undomesticated" microbes, such as Rhizobium, Bdellovibrio, Ensifer, and Saprospira. In addition, I have a long standing interest in microbial symbioses and sociomicrobiology. Before returning to academia, I spent seven years working in the biotech industry with polymer producing microbes such as Xanthomonas campestris and Pseudomonas elodea. The majority of my time is spent teaching undergraduates three courses: The Unity of Life (freshman introduction to cell and molecular biology), Microbial Diversity (junior and senior level), and Symbioses and Parasitism (freshman writing course and eventually a senior capstone course). I very much want to "push" more microbiology---and earlier---into the standard Biology undergraduate major. Microbes are, after all, the very basis of the biosphere!