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Marta Veses Garcia

Application Scientist, Symcel AB

About Marta Veses Garcia

I'm a microbiologist developing applications of calorimetry in microbiology. I did my PhD and first postdoc at the University of Liverpool, where I studied the phenotypic impact of bacteriophages on their host, specifically Shigatoxigenic phages on E.coli. I moved to Sweden for my second postdoc where I work in a collaborative project between Karolinska Institute and KTH – Royal Institute of Technology to develop antimicrobial susceptibility tests using new technologies. This led to my current position as application scientist at Symcel, where we are establishing a fast antimicrobial combination test in the H2020 project BADGER. I’m also interested in biofilm research, particularly understanding biofilm formation and erradication on different surfaces and tissues.

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