The latest COVID-19 research - video

The latest research on COVID-19 vaccines, where the virus spreads, and new variants

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I recently gave another talk on COVID-19, including some detail on where the virus spreads, vaccine research (which is now slightly out of date, as there are 7 approved vaccines across the world), and how new variants arise and how important they are (which is also slightly out of date, since new variants were identified in South Africa and Brazil). 

Ben Johnson

Head of Communities & Engagement, Springer Nature

I gained my first degree in virology from the University of Warwick and a PhD in influenza virus immune evasion from Public Health England and the University of Reading, UK. My research interests then moved on to smallpox vaccines, viral ion channels, and cell adhesion, while a postdoc at Imperial College London. I joined open access publisher BioMed Central in 2011 as an Acquisitions Editor and then Associate Publisher, and was responsible for launching new journals, including Microbiome, Zoological Letters, and Movement Ecology. I have been Head of Communities & Engagement at Springer Nature since 2016, running our online community blogs, and a Consulting Editor at Nature Medicine since June 2020, handling COVID-19 papers. I am based in our London office.


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Yossef Av-Gay about 1 month ago

Nice job Ben.

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Ben Johnson about 1 month ago

Thanks, Yossef!